Hamilton's Parade of the Pumpkins

Keeping pumpkins off the street

  • "Holey Curious George."
  • "Trapped between Mr. Trick and the wolf."
  • "So happy together."
  • "Kitty looks delicious. Run Kitty!"
  • "Hey Jack, get a load of this guy!"
  • "Who you looking at, pal?"
  • "You're next little buddy."
  • "Boo! Aaaa!"
  • "My hat's off to you."
  • "Look Fred, twins!"
  • "I spy with my little eye."
  • "The pumpkin nose."
Selections from the 2016 Hamilton Pumpkin Parade. Photographs compliments of Robin's Egg Photography.

Welcome To The Pumpkin Parade

Our vision: To fill Gage Park in a sea of lit jack o'lantern on November 1st every year. Bring yours out next year and join the mission.

Here's last year's poster: